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Books & Pads - A Brief Guide

At Paperstone, we sell a huge range of high quality books and pads.

You will find well-known brands including Pukka Pads, 5 Star, Silvine, Black n’ Red and Challenge on our website.

Many products in this section are available as wirebound or casebound. The spiral coil which keeps the pages of wirebound books together make flipping through pages quick and easy. More specifically, “reporter’s” or “shorthand” notepads are wirebound pads that are secured at the top, and are ideal for jobs where every second counts. 

Casebound pads, on the other hand, are secured like a book and are therefore harder to tamper with, and look a little smarter.

Top Tip

Shorthand and wirebound notebooks are easy page-turners, ideal for quick note-taking and reporting. Pukka Pads are our favourite wirebound notebooks. Casebound notebooks have more a sense of permanence about them. Black n' Red casebound books are particularly smart. 

You can also choose whether your pad is lined or blank. 

Books and pads also come in many sizes, A4, A5, A6 and smaller. 

Notepads are among the most popular books available at Paperstone. These come in lots of different styles and colours, from sleek and smart Black n’ Red pads, to easily organisable notepads with coloured dividers. Refill pads, which are generally pre-hole punched and lined, are often used to fill up ring binders and arch files. 

We also have books and pads specifically designed to keep you organised and make your office more efficient. 

At Paperstone, our range includes account books as well as “things to do books” in which to keep and tick off lists. Message books, meanwhile, offer templates for efficiently jotting down and storing comments and details from different callers. 

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