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A Guide to Rubbish Bins

Waste is an integral part of the essential cycle of production and consumption, life and death, and rubbish bins are key players in this engaging melodrama. Offices can churn out copious amounts of waste – paper, lunch break and snack debris, packaging, and more – so it is important to manage it tidily so that business can carry on effectively and in an organised manner. Enter stage right rubbish bins.

Did you know?

  • The average Briton throws away seven times their body weight each year.
  • Every year, the average British family bins about six trees worth of paper products.
  • Every year we need the equivalent of a forest the size of Wales to sate our paper needs.

Our rubbish bin range

At Paperstone, we run the gamut of rubbish bins, from small pedal bins through big traditional bins to wheelie bins. Our plastic bins, even the small ones, are strong, sturdy and easy to clean and our range varied enough to suit any office and facilities room environment

Choose smaller bins with internal lids to place under worktops. Use bigger bins for outdoor refuse storage.

Rubbish bags and bin liners

To complement our rubbish bin range, we offer a wide choice of rubbish bags and bin liners, from small waste bin liners to garden refuse sacks and wheelie bin bags.

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