Pens & Pencils

At Paperstone, you will find a wide range of pens and pencils to suit any job you have.

The main difference between pens and pencils is permanence. With a pencil, it is easy to rub out your mistakes with an eraser, whereas pen ink is more permanent.

Our selection includes simple pens, as well as more comprehensive models with comfort grips and luxury barrels.

All sorts of line widths and colours are available, including black pens, green, blue, and red, and many more. 

On our website, you will find top-quality brands including 5 Star, Bic, Paper Mate, Parker, Pilot, Waterman and Zebra. 

Ballpoint pens

This type of pen contains oil-based ink, and is set onto the page with a small ball. Ballpoint pens can write on most surfaces including paper, wood and some plastics.

Rollerball and gel pens

These pens are usually filled with water-based ink which is dispersed with a metal ball. 


Are a type of felt-tip are which contain very brightly coloured ink. This makes them perfect for emphasing text and diagrams. The most common colours are yellow, pink and green. 

Permanent markers 

These types of pen contain ink that is extremely difficult or impossible to remove depending on the surface they are used on. CD and DVD marker pens are among our range of permanent pens. 

Whiteboard markers

Designed to be used on whiteboards, whiteboard markers also write on other smooth, easily wipeable surfaces such as glass.

Chalk markers

Eradicating the mess of traditional chalks, chalk markers contain ink that can write on blackboards but also other surfaces such as glass, and are therefore often used for writing menus in restaurants. 

Fountain pens

These pens have a sturdy metal nib, through which ink flows from a cartridge in the barrel. High-quality Parker pens are among our range of fountain pens.

Fineliner pens

Iconic Stabilo pens are among our range of fineliner pens, which come in a range of colours and are great for creative projects and making colour-coded notes. 

OHP pens

These pens are used for overhead projectors: a type of machinery that casts content on acetate onto a surface, like a wall, using light. At Paperstone, we have both permanent and erasable OHP pens. 

Flipchart pens

Most often used on large sheets of paper, these felt-tip pens contain ink that is bold and readable from a distance. 


Traditional wooden pencils, refillable mechanical pencils, and fine art pencils are all available at Paperstone.

We also sell accessories for pens and pencils such as sharpeners, lead and ink refills, erasers, correction fluid and rulers. 

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