Address Labels – Avery and 5 Star Printable Address Labels

A4 sheets of self-adhesive address labels are designed for trouble-free feeding through printers and photocopiers for printing multiple identical labels. They are therefore useful for mass mail-outs, but it's easy to print out individual labels as well. You can use your word processing program (like Microsoft Word) to organise your label printing. Avery, the world's top label manufacturer, provide a number of free downloadable templates for use in Word, making your life a lot easier.

The smaller the label, the more per page. Labels with 40 or more per page are called "Mini Labels". These small labels have their own section.

We sell Inkjet labels and Laser and Copier address labels. It is recommended that you choose labels compatible with your printer for optimum performance. If you use inkjet labels in a laser printer, or vice versa, things can go a bit pear-shaped causing smudging or other printing imperfections. This is because different types of label (or paper for that matter) have different absorbancies intended for the compatible printer. Multi-functional labels are suitable for either inkjet or laser printers.