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Label Printers – A Buying Guide

What is a label printer for?

A label printer is a handheld or desktop device that prints adhesive labels.

Use to:

  • Label files, drawers and cabinets in the office
  • Label packages, shelves, parts and inventory in the warehouse with text and scannable bar codes
  • Identify and track assets
  • Manage workflows

Desktop or handheld?

The first thing to decide when buying a label printer is whether to buy

  • a device which sits on your desk and connects to your PC or Mac
  • a mobile, handheld device with which you can type and print labels on the go
Desktop label-maker Handheld label-maker
Desktop label printer Handheld label printer


Choose a desktop label printer for

  • Wider labels, including address and packing labels
  • Complex, computer-driven label designs, including bar codes and graphics
  • More efficient label printing than with standard printer - can print one at a time without any wastage
  • Full visual preview of label before printing
  • Mains-powered, office use

Choose a handheld label printer for

  • Warehouse, shop and factory floor, and other on-the-go situations
  • Equipment labelling
  • Stock inventory
  • Archiving
  • Quality control

Heavy, moderate or light use?

Heavy use. You're a professional labeller and responsible for labelling files, archives and warehouse inventory and for other high-volume labelling jobs.

*Choose a handheld device with rechargeable batteries, a useable keyboard and memory for storing pre-designed labels*

Moderate use. You keep your office and your workflow tightly organised, regularly using a label-maker to label files, equipment and supplies.

*Choose either a desktop or handheld model that is easy to set up (plug and play), offers a veriety of fonts and styles, and prints onto different label widths*

Light use. You want to use clear, impressive labels for presentations, mailings and other projects.

*A less expensive label printer will meet your needs*

What do I get with a more expensive label printer?

Both Dymo and Brother are industry leaders in label printer and you are assured quality from entry-level models upwards. However, the more you spend, the more likely you are to get special features. Special features include:

  • Large colour display
  • Touch screen
  • Rechargeable battery power
  • Memory - multiple pre-designed labels can be stored for quick printing
  • Variety of fonts and visual styles, with barcodes, logos and graphics
  • Ability to print on multiple tape widths

Any questions?

There are always more questions! Please don't hesitate to call one of our friendly, articulate and knowledgeable staff on 0345 567 4000 if you need to know more about label printer before making a buying decision.

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