A Guide to Cash boxes

cash boxPaperstone stocks a wide range of cash boxes in which to store cash takings and petty cash for your office. We supply cash boxes in all shapes and sizes, styles and colours from 5 Star and Helix. All our cash boxes are lockable. Cash box are suitably compartmentalised to accommodate banknotes and coins.

In this section you'll also find suggestion boxes for employees to drop their written suggestion into as well as a book safe, a secure cash box disguised as a book.

Why might I need a cash box?

If you work in retail it is advisable to remove cash from your cash register periodically and store it in a cash box. This makes it easier to keep tabs on the amount of cash there is in your cash till and reduces the potential loss should money be stolen from your till.

There are always times in the office when you need immediate access to company cash to make a purchase for the company, for example shared snacks and drinks or a birthday card for an employee. A cash box can be used to store a cash float in it for such occasions. Money taken out and put in can be recorded, ensuring that no one takes advantage of this supply of money.

Things to note...

Features of cash boxes may include:

  • Removable coin trays
  • Easy scoop coin compartments
  • Integral coin counter (i.e. coin compartments divided into regular sections)
  • Combination locks allowing multiple user access
  • Optional bolt-down component
  • Deposit slots for notes, coins and receipts