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Workplace hygiene is a neglected aspect of business. Workers who share space share germs and the business can suffer as a result of absenteeism due to ill health. It is therefore crucial to maintain high hygiene standards and the presence of soap dispensers above sinks can help foster this.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers are perfect for the bathrooms and toilets of schools, offices, factories and professional kitchens. The pumps of soap dispensers distribute a certain amount of soap for each push, obviating the need for messy soap and soap dish combinations on sinks.

Hygiene facts

  • There are more bacteria living on and in your body than there are human cells – ten times more in fact. (Source: Scientific American).
  • Most of these bacteria are beneficial to our health, bolstering our immune systems and producing chemicals that help us digest food.
  • In fact, an overly hygienic upbringing can be harmful to children, hindering the development of their immune systems and fostering allergies.
  • Nevertheless, workplaces are hotbeds of potentially harmful germs.
  • There are more germs on a computer keyboard than there are in your toilet.
  • Workplace hygiene is exacerbated by the increasing habit of people eating at their desks.
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