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Paperstone sell a wide range of mailroom and warehouse accessories. We stock brands including SureSafe, IXL, Alba, Salter, ReleX, Dahle, Wedo, Marland, Flexocare, Jiffy, Ambassador, Raaco, Versapak, Sellotape and Loctite. If you need some products for your warehouse then the odds are we'll be able to supply them at very competitive prices.

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How to choose the right Packing materials?

Choosing the right packing materials can make a lot of difference to the state of the goods when they are delivered.

There are several important factors to decide from...

  • Value of contents?
    Depending on the value you may need to protect some goods much than others.
  • Weight of contents?
    There’s no point using tissue paper if the content are very heavy - You'd be better off using bubble wrap.
  • How fragile are the contents?
    This obviously affects how well the goods are packaged. E.g. Using bubble wrap or lots of Kraft paper in a slightly larger box so that the goods are away for the sides of the box.
  • Does the weight of the package matter?
    This may affect the cost to ship the goods.


The basic rule of thumb for packaging is that the amount of packaging should be relational to the value and fragility of the contents. If the contents are valuable then they need to securely packed inside a strong box. Double walled boxes that are well sealed are best for this.

If the contents are heavy they too are best packed in a well sealed double walled box that is well sealed. It is also important to ensure that the items don’t then move around inside the box.

If the contents are light and of relatively low value then the box only has to be single walled and doesn't need lots of packaging inside.

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