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Mailroom and Warehouse Trucks and Trolleys

The postman [sic] coming round with the mail trolley is one of the most familiar sights in the day-to-day comings and goings of the office. We therefore think it's important you pick the right one. Paperstone supply mail trolleys and trucks of all shapes and sizes and we're confident you'll find the one you need here. We also sell a range of trucks and trolleys for the warehouse and for general purpose.

Mailroom and Warehouse Trucks and Trolleys at Paperstone

Trucks and trolleys are divided into types. Here's a quick run-down of our range:

  • Chair trolleys are used for moving stacking chairs conveniently and safely.
  • Folding trolleys are handy trolleys for casual or heavy-duty use that fold away for easy storage.
  • Hand trolleys are stand-up trolleys for a wide variety of usage. This section contains universal trolleys and multi-position sack trucks.
  • Mail trolleys are for transporting post around workplaces and take two major forms – sackholder trolleys and mail basket trolleys.
  • Multi-tier trolleys are trolleys with two or more platforms on which to load goods for conveyance.
  • Platform trucks or platform trolleys have a big platform on which to load goods.
  • Shopping basket trolleys move stacks of shopping baskets with ease.
  • Stair-climbing trolleys are three-wheeled stand-up trolleys for navigating steps. The three wheels make it possible to pull heavy loads up stairs.

Truck and trolley brands

Truck and trolley brands available at Paperstone include:

  • Ease-E-Load, makers of stair climber trolley trucks, platform trucks and stacking chair trolleys.
  • Rubbermaid, for utility carts, convertible utility carts and triple trolleys.
  • RelX, whose products include folding trolleys.
  • Helix, including crate trolleys.
  • Raaco, including heavy-duty folding trolleys.
  • Barton, including sack trucks.
  • Versapak sackholders and mail trolleys.
  • Durable, for shopping basket trolleys.
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