How To Find The Right Coat Stand

As winter sets in, office workers increasingly don coats, hats and woolly scarves to keep themselves cosy and warm. If they arrive at an office without a coat stand, chaos ensues: people trip over overcoats, scarves get caught in shredders and hats get inadvertantly photocopied. In fact, during wintertime, an office without a coat stand is basically a pile of clothes, broken office machines and unsorted paperwork.

We at Paperstone sell a comprehensive range of hat stands and coat stands to remedy this situation. We've got storage solutions to suit all budgets and tastes – from traditional wooden coat stands to stylish, contemporary metal and chrome coat stands in various finishes. For the larger office we supply coat racks capable of storing up to 60 coat hangers. Space-saving coat stands enable you to store large numbers of coats and jackets in a confined space.

What is a coat stand?

A coat stand is a free-standing piece of storage furniture on which to hang coats, jackets, hats, scarves and other items of clothing. Usually about five feet tall and made of wood or metal (i.e. chrome), hat and coat stands consist of a steadying base, usually a traditional “X” or round base, a single vertical pole, and an arrangement of hooks on which to drape the clothes. Coat stands often have a lower ring for holding umbrellas.

Coat stands with different bases

We supply coat stands with two styles of base: wooden stands traditonally have an X-shaped base, whilst most of our metal stands come with a round base.

Great value coat stands at Paperstone

  • At Paperstone hat and coat stands are available in metal, chrome and wood, or a combination of the three.
  • You can buy a coat stand for less than 30 quid if you're on a tight budget.
  • There is free delivery on all stands over £50.
  • Coat stands are supplied from leading brands: Alba and Acorn.
  • As well as economy stands and racks, we sell coat stands with rings for umbrella storage.

Coat stands offer a simple solution to the problem of clothing cluttering up the office environment. All hat and coat stands from Paperstone come fully guaranteed and with a warranty. To accompany the large range of coat stands and hat stands we also sell a comprehensive selection of coat hangers and coat hooks. If you can’t find the coat stand you are looking for, please call Paperstone on 0345 567 4000 and we will be glad to help you.

Did you know?

The modern hat and coat stand rose to prominence in middle-class Victorian homes in which the front hall played a prominent role. Increasingly socialising bourgeoisie utilised the hat and coat stand not just for its functionality to store the clothes of guests but also as a conveyance of conspicuous wealth and cultural capital. The coat stand was the most important piece of furniture in the front hall and Victorians could demonstrate their knowledge of contemporary styles and fashions through their choice of coat stands.

With less space at their disposal, smaller households adopted coat racks on the wall as an alternative to free-standing coat stands.

The hat / coat stand in popular culture

One of the most familiar uses of the hat and coat stand in popular culture is in James Bond films in which it plays a part in the repartee between Bond and Miss Moneypenny. Part of the greeting between the two consists of the the roguish spy tossing a hat which lands perfectly on a hat stand. In English hatstand is a slang adjective meaning eccentric, unhinged, a bit mad, as in this 1987 citation from the comic Viz: “Roger Irrelevant. He's completely hat stand.”