Foam Board Buying Guide

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Foam board facts

Foam board (sometime scalled foamcore or polyboard) is a backing material used for exhibitions and display purposes and for framing art. A Styrofoam centre, about half a centimetre thick, is covered on both sides by paper or plastic to form a kind of sandwich. It usually comes in simple, plain colours. For display stands, often several foam boards will be taped together, the tape forming 'hinges'. You can read more about these products on Wikipedia.

Foam board is strong

Foam board is incredibly strong considering how lightweight it is and very easy to cut. Foam board will degrade over long time periods, however, so it should not be considered as a long-term archiving solution.

Foam display board as a cork board?

As foam board is designed to accept drawing pins and display pins, it can be used as a kind of temporary bulletin board (replacing the more traditional cork board). Additionally, as it is available in white or black it can also be used as a whiteboard or blackboard. Removal of the ink or chalk is not guaranteed and can depend on the type used.

Other Uses

Shaping foam board is relatively simple using a craft or Stanley knife. As it is usually paper covered, most paper glues are ideal for gluing foam board together. For this reason, it is also sometimes used in modelling as a substitute for balsa wood.