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Paper Shredders at Paperstone

Paper Shredders

At Paperstone we supply several different brands and styles of Paper shredder. You can choose from 4 different grades of Paper shredder.

What type of Paper shredder do I need?

  • Home paper shredder – ideal for a low level user based at home
  • Home or Office paper shredder – ideal for one or two users, not more than 50 sheets a day
  • Office paper shredders – perfect for a shared office environment and can withstand light office use
  • High performance office paper shredder – can cope with continuous use and can act as a centralised shredding machine

How will my paper Shredder cut?

There are two styles that a paper shredder can cut. The low usage shredders will cut using a strip cut pattern leaving your documents shredded into long pieces of shredded paper. Secondly the more expensive and sophisticated paper shredders will cross cut the paper leaving your documents in small pieces.

We sell paper shredders that cut from 3-4 pages at a time to 500 sheets with a lockable load tray.

Why do I need a Paper shredder?

Identity fraud is on the increase and because of this it is important to shred your information as much as possible. It is not just companies that can benefit from paper shredding of your personal documents. Paper shredders can be used in both homes and offices. A paper shredder can turn sensitive documents into shredded un-recognisable pieces of paper. Companies wish to protect information about their financial status and a paper shredder is ideal for doing this. Once paper is shredded it is almost impossible to put it back together.

What Paper shredder should I choose?

At Paperstone we stock paper shredders to suit any office or home user. When choosing a paper shredder people often underestimate the amount of shredding they will want to do. It is important to buy a paper shredder that is capable of shredding the quantities you will require. Office paper shredders do tend to be required to shred large quantities of paper on a daily basis.

What brands of Paper shredder do we sell?

  • 5 star paper shredders are our economy range
  • HSM paper shredders offer a complete range
  • Fellowes offer a wide range of Shredders
  • Rexel offer our largest range of paper shredders

If you need advice on choosing a paper shredder please call us for help.