Permanent markers

Permanent markers are a type of waterproof pen. The ink extremely difficult or impossible to remove, depending on the surface. 

Because of this, permanent markers are used for all sorts of different jobs, particularly those where it is important the information is not tampered with. This could include marking a notebook, to writing the address on a parcel. 

At Paperstone, we offer classic black permanent markers, which contain ink that is easily visible, clear and does not rub off. But our range also includes colours such as blue, green, orange, pink and yellow. White marker pens, perfect for writing on dark surfaces, are also available. For special projects, metallic silver and gold permanent marker pens are a brilliant option. 

Our wide selection of permanent marker pens include Sharpie: easily recongisable thanks to their iconic grey barrel and calligraphic logo. Other world-renowned makes available on our website include 5 Star, Bic, Pentel, Stabilo, Uni-Ball and Zebra. You can also find cheap and cheerful economy marker pens on our website. 

While permanent ink does not rub off, this doesn’t mean marker pens can’t be used for intricate tasks. Pens in our range include nibs with lines than can draw as thin as 0.8mm. But we also sell thick marker pens, perfect for clearly marking large boxes with nibs as wide as 15mm.

As well as different widths, permanent markers also come with different nibs. While bullet tips are brilliant for creating uniform lines, bullet tips can be used for calligraphic writing owing to their thick rectangular tip and thin edges.

Tip types

Marker pens have two main types of tip or nib:

  • Bullet tip. Nib most normally used, because the nib is rounded you can hold the pen however you like and the stroke will be the same at all times.
  • Chisel tip. Wedge-shaped pens which mean they have both a broader edge and narrow edge therefore user is able to create both a broader and narrower stroke.