Pen refills

Ink refills are used for pens that can be reused. At Paperstone we sell both refill ink cartridges and bottled ink. On our website, you will find both ballpoint pen refills and refill ink for fountain pens.

Refill ink

Among our selection is Waterman ink - a luxury fountain pen brand. 5 Star, Cross, Parker, Pental, Pilot, and Rexel are other high-quality brands available on our website.

With most reusable ballpoint pens, the barrel is screwed open and the new cartridge replaces the old nib. Some ballpoints act like a fountain pen, where the ink catridge clicks into the nib.

Classic shades of blue, red and black inks are all part of our range.

Ballpoint and fountain pens aren’t the only pens that you can refill. On our website, we also have pen refills for whiteboard pens and for ID guards.

Bottled ink

This type of ink is used for refillable fountain pens, where the ink is drawn out of the bottle with a syringe-like device.

Bottled ink is available ink blue and black.

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