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Choosing scissors and paper cutters

When choosing a pair of scissors or paper cutters you need to be sharp: think about what you’re going to be using them for. 

At Paperstone we sell a wide range of cutting implements for day-to-day cutting tasks, graphic design and DIY. Use scissors, knives, cutters and scalpels to trim card and paper, create stencils and montages or remove stubborn packaging. Our prices are a snip, starting at an incredible 49p; You can slash your budget without cutting corners!

Tips for choosing a pair of scissors

  • It sounds obvious, but before choosing very small or large scissors, consider the size of your hand! If your scissors are not the right size, they may be uncomfortable or even impossible to use.
  • The majority of scissors are designed for right-handed people, which may seem unfair if you’re a leftie. We do sell several pairs of ambidextrous scissors at Paperstone though so don’t feel excluded!
  • Do you need to cut very precisely, perhaps for art or crafts projects? Small scissors cut more precisely than larger ones and people with poor eyesight may find them safer than using knives or cutting blades for certain tasks. 
  • Think ahead about the tasks you will perform- you may need more than one pair of scissors.
  • If you want to open packaging or do a lot of cutting, it makes sense to pay more to get better quality scissors with comfort handles.
  • Always buy scissors with rounded blades for children (we have school packs for groups of youngsters).

To read safety rules for scissors, visit

Alternative cutting tools: scalpels and cutting knives

We also sell cut-price cutting knives for around a quid. Economy brand 5 Star make light, medium or heavy duty cutting knives with locking devices and snap-off blades.

Swordfish scalpels and blades are a bit costlier but you are guaranteed top quality slicing performance. A scalpel is a thin, small, very sharp knife. These knives are famously used in surgery, but there are also versions for crafts. Read product specifications to check whether the blades are intended for heavy-duty work or precision cutting. We also sell Stanley knives – multi-purpose utility knives. These knives are handy for lots of household tasks.

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