A guide to buying rubber stamps & accessories

A rubber stamp can be a quick and easy way to make your mark and get your message across, whether you want to emphasise confidentiality or just see at a glance which invoices have been paid. It’s also quite de-stressing to release your pent-up frustrations in a marathon stamping session!

When selecting rubber stamps & accessories it’s easy to get a little confused, but if you answer the questions below you’ll a clearer picture of your ideal stamp.

Is time of the essence?

Save precious minutes - and a lot of fuss - with a self-inking stamp. These usually come enclosed in a plastic case and you can do away with having to ink the stamp before making your mark. You can stamp a lot of images quickly, and the better quality self-inking stamps can be used 20,000 times or more before you have to replace the integral ink cartridge.

Do you require a custom-made message? 

These days the majority of stamps purchased, whether self-inking or a good old traditional rubber stamp using a separate stamp pad, are custom-made. You can usually specify several lines of text, whether it’s your company name and address, contact details, or a specific instruction to your customers. Of course it’s possible to get pre-made stamps if you just want to print a simple message like “paid” or “confidential”.

What’s your budget for rubber stamps & accessories?

Here at Paperstone.co.uk we stock a range of rubber stamps and accessories (like rubber stamp ink pads and replacement self-inking cartridges) to suit every budget. Manufacturers like 5 Star specialise in economical stationery for lower budgets while Trodat, Colop, Dormy and Xstamper are established names in stamping accessories. Trodat Printy, for example, is the most successful rubber stamp on the international market today. 

Browse our rubber stamps and read the product information to find out what accessories you might need to order. If you are purchasing a traditional rubber stamp, for example, you will most likely need to buy an ink pad (stamp pad) to accompany it.

Ink pads are available in black, blue and red. You can either buy new ones or re-moisten used pads with bottled ink. Replaceable ink cartridges are available for most self-inking models.

We also sell data protection stamps which print an image to blot out your identity on paperwork, although you can of course buy a shredder to dispose of sensitive documents.

If you can't find the rubber stamp or rubber stamp accessories you are looking for, give us a call on 0345 567 4000 and we’ll help you decide. 

If you want to find out more about the tradition of rubber-stamping in both business and craft work, visit Wikipedia.

Rubber stamp ink

Rubber stamp ink pads are available in black, blue and red. You can either buy ink pads anew or you can re-moisten used ink pads with bottled ink. Ink cartridges are available for those clever models that self-ink.

Rubber stamp glossary

  • Custom made stamps. Personalised stamps - you create your own message.
  • Date stamps. Stamps with a revolving date.
  • Number stamps. Stamps with revolving digit dials.
  • Word stamps. Stamps with commonly used words for the office and mailroom, some single word and others multiple.
  • Data protection stamps. Stamps which block out text for security purposes.
  • Lines of text. How many rows of text for use on a stamp pad.
  • Self-inking. Pre-inked without the need for a separate pad.
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