Filing Labels

Filing labels are great for re-using your Lever Arch and box files. Your files will look brand new and you don’t need to break the bank.

At Paperstone we offer filing labels for many types of files.  To revamp old files, you can buy opaque labels which cover the text on your old labels. They give a bright white, professional finish. These file labels look so good you can re-use your files many times, saving time and money, and helping the environment.

Recycled paper filing labels

Many of our filing labels are made from 100 per cent recycled and chlorine free paper, and have environmentally-friendly adhesive. Some labels are suitable for both laser and inkjet printers, but others are designed for laser printers only. Please check the product information.

You can restore old Lever Arch files with PVC spine labels in a range of colours (see our selection)

Three tips on filing labels

  • Printed filing labels look better than handwritten ones, and are easier to read. Avery have some great templates which are free to use. You can design and print them from your desktop. Visit Avery Design & Print Online to find out more.
  • Colour coding file labels is a good idea. A colour based system makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.
  • Company logos or images can be added for a professional image

Two general points about filing:

  • Keep your current files somewhere accessible, so you can keep on top of your filing as you go along
  • Alternatively, allocate a daily or weekly time slot for filing, and stick to it. Your efforts will pay off when you can quickly find everything you need.