Air Fresheners at Paperstone

Use our air fresheners to transform moods, create atmospheres or simply remove nasty smells from bathrooms, meeting rooms, reception areas and offices. Even now that cigarette smoke has disappeared from the office environment, the air in offices can still get pretty stale, especially when we leave the heaters on during cold spells. Air fresheners not only neutralise unpleasant smells but can reanimate the ambience of your workplace. And for our pampered and fussy noses, air fresheners are pretty much essential for toilet areas.

We’re not claiming that air fresheners will literally transport you to a summer meadow or alpine glade. But air fresheners have come a long way in the last 50 years and modern, programmable, slow dispensers can neutralise odours without overbearing you with chemical smells.

Air freshener types

There are two broad types of air freshener: instant (aerosol) and continuous action.

  • Aerosol air fresheners propel tiny particles or odour-neutralising line into the air. The fine mist stays suspended for an extended period.
  • Continuous action dispensers deliver freshener continuously, either by atomisation at regular intervals or by heating and vaporising scented liquid.