A Guide to Office Chairs and Our Jargon-Buster

With so many office chairs to choose from, it can be tough deciding the right one for you.

  • Operator chairs are the most common office chair. They swivel, are on wheels and are available with a wide range of comfort and function features. Our jargon-buster below will guide you through those features.
  • Executive chairs at the more upmarket end, often in leather and with extra comfort features. Fit to make your boss look dapper or just look more like the boss.
  • 24-hour chairs are heavy duty operator chairs, designed for round-the-clock usage. Suitable if multiple people use the same seat at different times of the day. They are also particularly useful for heavier sitters as they are sturdier than standard operator chairs.
  • Mesh chairs are operator chairs with breathable backs to prevent you from overheating.
  • Ergonomic chairs are operator chairs designed to support your back more than a standard operator chair. They do this by having both an ergonomically shaped seat back as well as an adjustable lumbar support.

As a rule of thumb, the more you spend, the more features you will get. Here are those features explained:

Office chair jargon-buster


Height-adjustable. The seat height either raises or lowers to suit the user.

Asynchronous tilt. The seat and back will move independently of each other.

Synchro tilt. The seat and back move in a synchronised motion and are lockable in multiple positions.

Standard tilt lock. The seat and back move backwards in tandem.

Adjustable lumbar support. Lower back support adjusts internally in the seat for additional support to the lower back.

Posture back. Sculptured seat and back with kidney shaping for the ultimate in back support.

Adjustable back height. The back can be heightened and lowered to fit the user.

Seat slide. The seat slides forwards and backwards to match user’s size.

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