Flipcharts at Paperstone

Whether it's for brainstorming blue sky thinking or informal presentation, Paperstone supply a wide range of flipchart pads and easels from NOBO, and Quartet Duramax. Entry level flipchart easels from 5 Star start at £40 , while easels increase in price with additional features such as mobility castors, side hooks and extending display arms.

What is a flip chart?

A flipchart, or flip chart, is a display pad supported by an easel on a stand, often a tripod. A flipchart may also refer to a sheet of paper in a flipchart pad. The pad is bound and attached to the easel at the top such that the pages are “flipped” over after they are used.

When might I use a flipchart?

Flipcharts can contain pre-filled material or they can be used for capturing information. This makes them suitable for the following situations:

  • For brainstorming in meetings, workshops and focus groups
  • For artists, in uses such as sketching and life drawing
  • For presentation or training purposes where the flipchart pad is pre-filled
  • For education purposes in schools and colleges, in lieu of a whiteboard

Flipchart sizes

Most flipchart easels can accommodate either A1 or B1 pads. A1 paper measures 594 x 841mm while B1 measures 707 x 1000mm. A1 flipchart pads are used in portrait while B1 pads flip over in landscape.