Catering & Cleaning

Behind every great office there are great kitchen and cleaning facilities. Office life would simply cease to function properly if the offices weren't cleaned and the workers not fed.

At Paperstone we recognise that for the office, a toilet roll dispenser is every bit as important as a filing cabinet and a water cooler as central as a printer. That's why we ensure we stock a wide range of supplies for kitchen and janitorial supplies to keep your office clean and fed.

5 Good Reasons to Buy Catering and Cleaning Supplies from Paperstone

  1. Clean up with our prices. We've always got a keen eye trained on the prices of our kitchen and cleaning products to make sure they are competitive. But if you see the same product priced cheaper elsewhere, we'll match the price.
  2. Free next day delivery. Most of our products are delivered on the next working day as standard. Orders of £50 or more qualify for free delivery as well.
  3. Customer support. Available from 9am to 6pm weekdays, our customer services team are the friendliest and most helpful team you will find this side of Milton Keynes. They are always happy to tell you exactly where your order is and to iron out the rare difficulty that may occur.
  4. 30 days credit. Business customers can apply for a credit account with a 30-day limit.
  5. Paperstone – the one-stop shop. In addition to kitchen and cleaning products, all your other office supplies are available in the same place – as well as keenly priced.
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