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Artists & Graphics Supplies

Choose Paperstone for all your artist and graphics supplies, whether for educational and academic, professional, business or personal craft use. Our range is a no-frills selection of studio essentials, from portfolios and plan storage to drawing aids and foam display board.

Arts and graphics studio essentials

  • Artists' pads. Including sketchbooks, tracing paper and graph pads.
  • Drawing aids. For accurate drafting, including
    • High quality Rotring compasses
    • Protractors
    • Set squares
    • Stencil sets and templates
    • Geometry sets
  • Drawing boards. Specialist, multi-purpose desks for drawing and design.
  • Drawing pens. Specialist fine pens for technical and architectural drawing.
  • Foam board. In white, black and grey. Foam board is light and east to cut. For display, framing, bulletins boards and as a substitute for balsa wood.
  • Portfolios for presenting your work. A1 through A4.
  • Cutting Mats. Providing a safe, protective surface for cutting work. The material of Linex cutting mats re-closes after each cut.
  • Plan storage. Arnos Hang-a-Plan including trolleys, wall racks, binders, and plan chests.
  • Self-adhesive film. Clear, protective film for books, documents, etc.

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