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Kitchen appliances for the office

As well as the office standards – computers, photocopiers, printers – your office will need facilities to help keep your workmates fed and watered. Every office needs a kettle or two, a toaster and perhaps a fridge or microwave so that your workers can prepare themselves a snack from time to time. That's why we at Paperstone stock a good range of catering products including kitchen appliances.

Would you Adam and Eve it?! Kitchen appliance facts

  • The word 'kettle' meaning a vessel for boiling liquids is very old. The Oxford English Dictionary provides a citation for cetil from about AD 700. The kettle calling the pot black dates from at least 1740. 'Kettle of fish', literally fish cooked in a kettle al fresco on a picnic or excursion, dates from 1791
  • The electric kettle emerged in the last decade of the nineteenth century, first appearing at an exhibition in 1893. The cordless kettle came on the market in 1986.
  • The power of microwaves to cook food was discovered accidentally in the 1940s when a scientist working with microwaves noticed that a peanut chocolate bar in his pocket had melted.
  • The first microwave ovens built in 1947 were six feet tall, weighed 750 pounds and cost $5,000 each. They didn't take off. It was not until the 1980s that the microwave started to become a familiar household object.
  • The domestic icebox, a precursor to the fridge, appeared in 1803. Before the advent of fridges, icehouses were a common way to keep food chilled and slow its perishing. In fact ice was imported into the UK from Scandinavia as late as the 1950s.
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