Diaries – Save the date

A must have in any business environment, helping staff and teams maintain an efficient and well organised office.

But a diary is just a diary, isn’t it? Are there really that many variations?!

Surprisingly, yes, there are quite a few diary choices depending on what you need them for or what environment you work within:

  • Standard diaries - Provided in various views such as ‘week to view’, ‘day to a page’, ‘hourly appointment day to a page’ and various others, ideal for those looking to organise themselves year by year from January to December (Depending on brand).
  • Academic diaries - Designed for the educational sector or businesses that operate in this particular environment. They often run from July to July or August to August depending on the brand.
  • Personal Organisers - This is small book or binder that is designed to be portable. It usually contains a diary, calendar, address book, blank paper, and other sections, as the term references, it organises tasks.

So I have my diary type, now what about quality?

As one of the most proactive office supplies companies in the UK we always ensure we have a fantastic range of products to suit any budget:

  • Collins - This is the brand to go for when you want quality match with price and product variation, they have been a feature in the diary sector for years and their forward thinking styles and designs ensures they will be here for years to come.
  • 5 Star - A fantastic value offering, if you need to kit an office of 100 staff out with their own diary and you need them to have a certain view style (Week to view, Day to a page etc) this is the one for you.