Pukka Pads

Founded in the UK in 1999, Pukka Pads are a trusted firm which sell high-quality stationery.

At Paperstone, we sell all sorts of Pukka Pads products, including their famous notebooks as well as ring binder and arch files.

If you are looking for notebooks and pads, the task in hand is what you must first consider. For discrete stationery that is easily packed away, A7 notepads are perfect, while A4 jotta pads are ideal for brainstorming ideas and writing down lots of information that needs to be stored in one place. Meanwhile, project books, which contain re-positionable dividers, are great for long-term work.

Pukka Pads notebooks also come in a variety of colours. Can’t imagine yourself in a meeting with a bright pink or blue pad? Then opt for a sleek metallic notepad with a separating ribbon instead. 

If the details matter to you, we sell Pukka Pads products with a wide range of styles including different paper qualities; perforated and punched sheets; and with varying numbers of pages. Both hardback and soft covers are also available.

Some of the Pukka Pads products we sell are available to buy in multipacks.