Computer cleaning

Cleaning your computer with good computer cleaners is important. Because we touch and handle computer equipment throughout the day, keyboards and mice pick up all sorts of nasties from our hands. Anything up to 3,500 microbes can be found on a keyboard, 1,500 on a mouse. Telephones and headsets carry even more – up to 25,000 – coming into close proximity, as they do, with the mouth and ears. We happily munch sandwiches while working, dropping crumbs in between keys, and at home we may even drop a bit of fag ash on our long-suffering technological friends. We also share a lot of this equipment. Give your equipment the occasional – or even frequent – clean with some of our extensive range of cleaning products.

Our cleaning products are ideal for computers, keyboards, mice, printers, fax machines, audio-visual equipment, CDs and other delicate equipment. Products include:

  • Keyboard cleaning – air dusters, AF Ultraclene cloths (a wet/dry cleaning system)
  • Screen cleaning – including AF Screen Protector, non-toxic and anti-static
  • A range of wipes for lenses, monitors and multi-purpose
  • Specialist phone cleaners
  • Cleaning kits – combining all the products you need for an all-round cleanse of your computer system

Remember that using anti-static cleaning products will reduce the build-up of dirt and dust after cleaning.