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Literature display – literature holders, literature sorters and magazine stands

It's difficult to wax lyrical about literature holders, literature sorters, magazine carousels and the like, but these things are central to the functioning of modern life – honest. Whether we are buying a magazine in a shop or picking up a leaflet in a doctor's surgery, we will probably come into close contact with a literature display unit of some sort. We may even have manhandled a Durable Combibox Modular System without realising it. Literature holders can impress both client and customer alike. They can also form a part of distributing information to your employees.

Why would I want a literature holder?

If you are a retailer you will already know the value of displaying your merchandise in an attractive and practical way. Magazines, for instance, can be picked up from a magazine stand without the display being disturbed. For other client-facing businesses literature holders are a useful way to present and distribute information to clients – for example, brochures, timetables, bills of fare, price lists and business cards. A literature carousel or set of perspex business card pockets will, like it or not, make a big difference to the way in which your clients or would-be clients view your business. Even when the business isn't client-facing literature holders are an excellent place to deposit items you wish your staff to pick up – oft-used forms, schedules, notices, public information, etc.

Types of literature holders

  • Wall racks for literature. For prominent display of items up to A4 in size. Offer total visibility of documents.
  • Free-standing literature holders. As above, but can be placed anywhere as a self-contained unit.
  • Business card holders. With clear pockets to visibility. Wall mounted and smaller desktop units.
  • Wire wall literature holders.
  • Mobile literature displays. On wheels!
  • Magazine stands
  • Folding displays. Zig-zag design which is 1500mm unfolded but which can be folded back down to fit into a briefcase. Ideal for exhibitions or for presenting on the road.
  • Carousels. Revolving literature displays.
  • Free-standing literature holders for one or few documents/publications. For the desk or counter. In countless shapes, sizes and designs.
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