Board Backed Envelopes at Paperstone

Board backed envelopes are protective envelopes which are backed by a rigid board. Board backed envelopes keep fragile, important or otherwise precious documents safe from damage or wear. Use board backed envelopes to send or store valued documents such as qualification certificates, contracts or maps. Peel and seal system secures the envelope neatly and without fuss.

The board backed envelope range at Paperstone

You can choose between manilla and white board backed envelopes. A wide range of sizes is available from the smaller 190x140 to C3 (457x324 which will accommodate A3 paper size documents. The most popular size is C4 (for A4-sized documents). C4 board backed envelopes are also available with an address window. Board backed envelopes are sold in boxes of 50 or 125.

The range includes:

  • 5 Star Economy board backed envelopes – great value, manilla envelopes printed with the helpful instruction, “Please do not bend.”
  • New Guardian board backed envelopes – which offer the widest range of sizes up to C3. The subtle ribbed texture and distinctive sheen of these envelopes ensures the recipient will be as impressed by the envelope as by the contents. Made from EU Ecolabel accredited paper, these board backed envelopes are kinder to the environment. Very strong Power-Tac seal.
  • Plus Fabric board backed envelopes are white, “combining good looks and strength.” Also made from EU Ecolabel accredited paper, with Power-Tac seal.

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