Best selling products in Free Gifts

Your choice of free gifts

The more you spend, the more valuable the free gift you're entitled to.

Courtesy of, you can earn gift vouchers which you can spend in household name high street stores like HMV, Matalan and Boots.

If you can't get enough of office supplies, why not crown your shopping basket with some free office items like Sharpie Mini Markers?

Or instead, as always, you can claim perennially popular free chocolates on orders of £49 (excl. VAT) and above.

How to claim your free gift

Each gift or gift voucher is free on orders of or above a certain amount. When you have added goods to your basket amounting to that value or more, you simply add the free gift to your basket as you would any other product and you won't be charged for it – as long as you've spent enough (excl. VAT) on office supplies to earn it.

You can choose any gift which requires a spend less than your subtotal. But make sure you get your money's worth with gift vouchers: you aren't automatically sent the maximum amount of vouchers to which you are entitled.

How do I order a catalogue?

Catalogues are automatically sent out with first-time purchases. But if your want a catalogue before buying anything, then simply register (we'll need your address) and then either call us and ask for one or reply to the registration email and ask for a catalogue.

Any problems, give us a call on 0345 567 4000.

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