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A Guide to Notice & Pin Boards

Notice boards and pin boards fit nicely into any office environment where they are suitable for posting notices, timetables, and other information relating to company news and events. Notices are attached to the boards by pin so that they are easily posted and removed.

Notice boards and pin boards are also ideal for meetings and conferences for the same reason that it is quick and easy to display information and images. Notice boards can be used, for instance, for qualitative research purposes such as focus groups and workshops where images can be arranged quickly for brainstorming and image testing.

Three Types of pin boards from Paperstone:

  1. Fabric – usually felt – notice boards are colourful and professional-looking
  2. Foam notice boards come in dark colours and prevent unsightly pin holes
  3. Cork boards are a classic and as well as being suitable for any office are also useful for sticking on postcards and shopping lists in the household

Did you know?

Our notice boards and pin boards are bordered by attractive and sturdy frames including aluminium, pine and oak.

Whether it's for office, conference, school, college, university, hotel or home, you'll find the pin board to suit your needs here. If you need any help navigating around our range, give us a call on 0345 567 4000.

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