Hello… Is it Display cases you’re looking for?

Display cases are a versatile display solution which, can be used for presenting graphics and information within a variety of venues including, but not limited to, exhibitions, trade shows, schools, office meeting rooms and public spaces.
Why are they such a popular solution for the presentation of information?
It all comes down to security and professional appearance. 
Most display cases are lockable meaning you can maintain a display without the worry of damage to your documents, images, notices, and so on.
Available in attractive felt and dry wipe finishes, as well as variety of colours, display cases can suit practically any space. Sturdy aluminium frames reinforce a sense of style and quality. 
You mentioned lockable, how?
Our display cases are designed with security in mind. We have single and double doors in the range, all provided with a set of keys that allow the user access to the internal section of the display and help avoid the potential for tampering or damage.
There is such a varied range. How do I narrow it down?
These cases are easily filtered down using our web filter system where you can choose between:
  • Materials (felt or dry wipe)
  • Size
  • Colour (from industry standard blue to something a little more exciting like deep red)
  • Brand (Bi-Office, Franken, Nobo)
  • Price (a display board to suit all budgets)