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Office Desks - A Buying Guide

Different desks have different functions and it is important to get the right desk to suit the purpose and the layout of the company. You also want to think about the configuration of the desks. For example, many organisations place their desks in “cluster” configurations as it is easier to communicate with one another.

Types of desks

  • Radial desks. This is a desk most commonly used in offices as it has a return part to the desk that enables it to extend the work area. These desks can either be left-handed or right-handed and can be used by themselves our placed together to form a cluster.

radial desk

  • Wave desks. Similar to radial desks, wave desks come left- and right-handed and their orientation will largely depend on whether the user is left- or right-handed. These desks can be used as stand-alone desks or put into a configuration similar to the corner desks. The difference between the wave desks and the radial desk is that the desktop is slightly curved at one end to enlarge the workspace.

wave desk

  • Rectangular desks. These are simply desks that are usually between 1200mm x 800mm to 1800mm x 800mm. While size varies, all have a simple rectangular desktop.
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