Why choose a bench desk?


  • A perfect choice for open-plan offices, bench desks allow employees to sit closer together and work collaboratively on projects.
  • They are sleek and functional, and available in a wide range of contemporary styles, colours and finishes.
  • The uniformity of a bench desking system is aesthetically appealing and ideal for today's office environment.
  • Bench desks range from simple and practical styles to sophisticated designs which include storage, screens and matching desk accessories.
  • A bench system uses shared components such as leg frames and beams, and offers outstanding flexibility to meet changing needs within the workplace.
  • It's easy to change the configuration to suit office re-organisation and so it can be more economical to use benches.
  • A further benefit is the inclusion of cable management systems to enhance health and safety compliance.


If you would like expert advice on any of our high-quality bench desks, don't hesitate to contact the Paperstone customer service team by email or phone - we'll be happy to discuss the options best suited to your needs.