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A Guide to Whiteboards

Whiteboards are white display and writing boards used for conference, presentation and educational purposes. As with blackboards text and diagrams can can be written drawn and displayed and easily removed for re-use. Whiteboards use a dry-wipe system – text and images are applied with a dry marker pen which can be quickly and easily removed using a wiper.

But whiteboards are much more versatile than blackboards. Text is easier to write and more legible on whiteboards, and different colours can be used. Some of our whiteboards are magnetic as well, meaning presentations can be enhanced with magnetic pins and images. Magnetic pins can also be used to affix documents to the boards.

Where to use your whiteboard?

  • The training room or classroom. Whiteboards are perfect for educational uses, for lectures and presentations.
  • The workshop or focus group. Whiteboards can be used to take down ideas, thoughts and impressions from participants in brainstorming and brand image exercises. Whiteboards can also be used to display documents.
  • The office. Whiteboards can be used for schedules, allocations and reminders.

Our whiteboard range includes:

  • Small memo whiteboards which wipe clean in seconds – perfect for reminders in the office and at home.
  • Snazzy and smart magnetic silver boards – which are also dry-wipe
  • Mobile whiteboards – on wheels with various rotation options
  • Free-standing whiteboards – with no need to mount
  • Combination whiteboards – with extra pin board screen
  • Confidential whiteboards, allowing you to lock away what you've written
  • Sizes are available with widths up to 2.7 metres

To explore our range, simply click on a image above. Call us on 0345 567 4000 if you need any help.

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