Office shelving and racking

Well-thought-out office shelving turns a cluttered office into an attractive one. Our range of free-standing and wall-mounted shelving units represents the best of flexible, hard-wearing and economical storage shelving on the market. Used as stand alone shelves or built into shelving banks or storage stockpiles, we think we can find exactly the right height, width, finish and adaptable for your office or industrial storage needs.

Our fabulous Trexus range is one of our most popular and economical storage lines. Trexus base units can be built into modular shelving units, incorporating cupboards and other items of office furniture.

Lightweight with attractive wood finishes for your office environment; heavy duty and extra hard wearing shelves suitable for warehouses, storage outlets and factory floors.

  • Free standing and wall mounting shelving systems
  • Quick and easy self assembly
  • Office, commercial and industrial shelf units available

Shelving systems and shelving bays

A shelving system consists of modular shelving parts allowing you to adapt the shelving to your backroom storage needs. In a typical case, a starter bay is acquired in addition to which are added extension bays. The shelving systems are flexible and easy to assemble, requiring no additional parts. The number of shelves and the shelf heights are for you to decide.

If sorting out your shelving is at all bewildering, then please do give us a call on 0345 567 4000. We'll talk through your needs, let you know what's available and hopefully come up with a solution that's best for you.