People Barriers, Flexibarriers, Barricades

People barriers are physical barriers intended to stop or discourage access to an area, guide people in certain directions or to cordon of a group or crowd of people.

Types of people barrier

people barrierThere are four main types of people barrier:

  • Rope barrier. With lengths of rope suspended between stands.
  • Strap barrier. With straps extended between stands.
  • Concertina barrier. Extendable fencing.
  • Gate barrier. Modular linking panels.

People barrier brands

People barrier products include the following:

  • Alba Rope People Barriers
  • Ease-E-Load Extendable Safety Barriers
  • Alba Flexibarriers (strap)
  • Rubbermaid Portable Mobile Barricades
  • Workgate Gate Barriers