A Guide to Mailroom Furniture

The mailroom, or post room, is a room in which incoming and outgoing post is handled. The mailroom is thus a vital organ of companies whose business relies on contacting its clients by mail such as mail order companies who deliver their wares by post. The mailroom is where it all happens – packing, sorting, franking, posting. It is essential to keep the operations in this room efficient and well organised. Mailroom furniture constitutes the physical structures with which to achieve this.

What mailroom furniture is available at Paperstone?

Above all, your post room requires items of mailroom furniture to order, sort and otherwise organise your mail. This means shelving. We supply a great range of sorting shelves which allow you to physically compartmentalise your mail into separate categories. We also sell smart Tercel post room tables and Tercel mobile shelf units and cupboards

What mailroom furniture should I get?

The mailroom furniture that you will need will depend on your posting requirements – the volume of mail, the size of packages and the number of different posting categories, e.g. size of package, destination, 1st/2nd class, and so on. These needs will determine the size and type of the unit and the number of units you need.