How to choose an office desk

The office desk is an important piece of kit, whether you're buying a single desk for a home office, or furnishing a large office with many work stations.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the ideal office desk:

  • Identify how the desk will be used. Will it be mainly for computer work? If so, be sure it offers adequate space for the CPU (Central Processing Unit) underneath. And check for cable ports or a cable management system to keep all of your electrical cables under control - an important health and safety consideration. If the desk is going to be used for a lot of paperwork, then it should have a larger surface area to accommodate files, spreadsheets or piles of documents.
  • Consider the office environment. Think about how much space you have, and how many staff you need to accommodate. How do people work together as a team? Would it make sense to arrange the desks in clusters to facilitate communication? Think about the people involved - do you have any left-handers? Many desks have left-handed versions available. If space is tight, look for the more compact office desks.
  • What shape of desk do you prefer - radial, wave or rectangular? Radial desks are also described as corner desks and have a return area; which expands the working area. They are left or right-handed and can be arranged in groups of four desks - two left and two right handed - to make a symmetrical cluster. Wave desks are somewhat similar in design but are curved so that one side of the desk has a larger working area than the other. Rectangular desks (also known as straight desks) are just that- they have a simple rectangular desktop. If finances allow, you might choose to have L-shaped or U-shaped configurations of desks, combining work space with meeting space.
  • Accommodate office personalities. Creative-genius types can sometimes be untidy and may benefit from a large desk on which to brain-storm and experiment. Very tidy and methodical workers may be fine with a smaller work station.