Laptop Bag Buying Guide

Your laptop is an expensive piece of kit, so it makes sense to use a proper carrying bag to protect it when you’re on the road or travelling abroad.

Before you choose one, think carefully about your requirements, as not all laptop bags are created equal. If you want your bag to last a long time, be prepared to spend more in order to get the quality you need.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing your ideal laptop bag:

  • It’s an obvious point, but set the search filter for the size of your laptop- it will save you the hassle of having to return a bag that’s too small. Choose a bag that is large enough, but not too big. An 11” laptop will rattle around in a bag intended for a 17” machine.
  • What’s your preferred style of laptop bag? Here at Paperstone we have various options; for example, backpacks, briefcase-style, shoulder bags or wheeled cases. Backpacks are fantastic when you may have to walk long distances carrying your laptop and accessories, but if you prefer a more formal image, a briefcase or shoulder bag may suit you better. Wheeled cases may be ideal for someone who travels a lot and wants a mobile office- for example, the Alassio Silvana Trolley Pilot Case boasts a large main compartment with a padded laptop compartment, space for hanging files, a business card case and a side pocket for smaller items. And if you want a laptop bag that doesn’t look obvious for security reasons, the Pride and Soul Neo Shoulder Bag might be a good choice.
  • Consider the type of material you prefer for your laptop bag. Leather is a very smart, but may not be the ideal choice if you have to walk a lot and it’s going to get wet. You might be better off with a synthetic material. The padded laptop section should ideally be lined with a soft but firm fabric.
  • Think about comfort if you’re going to be carrying your bag any significant distance. Thin straps can soon get uncomfortable, so go for wide, padded ones.
  • Consider the extra features you might want, such as combination locks, wheels, or a specific number of compartments. Don’t forget you’ll need space to store your smartphone and all of your gadgets and accessories in your laptop bag.