Screen Filters at Paperstone

At Paperstone we stock screen filters (or monitor flters) from 3M, Compussesory, 5 Star and Fellowes for a wide range of purposes and budgets.

What is a screen filter?

A screen filter is a mounted or frameless screen made of various materials that filters light from the visual display unit of a computer in various ways.

Why might I need a screen filter?

There are a number of functions a screen filter might perform. Some filters perform all of these at once while others are specialised for a specific filtering purpose. Screen filters may perform one or more of the following tasks:

  • To restrict glare from the computer screen. Too much glare from a computer screen can be damaging to the eyes (though not permanently), causing eyestrain. More likely, glare can tire the eyes causing discomfort and hindering work. Screen filters reduce glare by interposing an opaque medium.
  • Small amounts of non-ionising radiation are emitted from monitors. Some filters cut this radiation out.
  • When your computer is in use, static builds up on the screen. Although this static is not significantly harmful to health, it attracts dust and can generally contribute to discomfort at your work stations. Some of our screen filters are anti-static.
  • Some screen filters are designed to protect the privacy of your work. These filters black out visual information on the screen prying eyes looking at the screen from the side. This is useful if you are conducting sensitive work in a public environment. The blacking out action does not blur or distort the screen information to anyone using the computer.
  • And all screen filters serve a bonus function of protecting your monitor screen from damage.