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A keyboard and mouse are essential computer peripherals for your desktop computer and along with display monitors are the most important pieces of hardware that contribute to your comfort when using a computer. Peripheral keyboards and mice are also useful additions to a laptop set-up if you are more comfortable using a separate keyboard and mouse. A keyboard that doesn't feel right or an irritating, unresponsive mouse can make home and office computing a bit of a misery so it's important to get the right ones for you. The best advice we can offer for buying a keyboard and/or mouse is to buy one with which you are already familiar and comfortable with. If this means buying a keyboard or mouse you have used previously, then so be it. However, if you're not sure which mouse or keyboard to buy, we've got a wide range of products and will be happy to offer advice should you want it.

We stock top keyboard and mouse manufacturers, including Microsoft and Logitech, and at prices to suit either the budget or more specialist purchaser. In this section you'll also find keyboard drawers – sliding platforms that attach to the underside of your desk to neatly store your keyboard away; keypads for numeric data entry – particularly useful as a laptop appendage; and matching mouse-keyboard combinations.

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