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Refill Pads for Schools and Offices

For your educational needs, we have a wide selection of cheap and prestige brand refill pads and memo pads. Our brands include Cambridge, Summit, Silvine and Oxford.

Memo or refill pads – what's the difference?

Both are similar in that they are both pads of paper with easily removable sheets. However, unlike memo pads, refill pads are ready punched so that they can be inserted into folders like ring binders and lever arch files.

Types of refill pads at Paperstone:

Lined pads are the most common, though you can find squared and graph paper options for mathematical, scientific and graphical design uses.

  • Standard ruled refill pads
  • Narrow-ruled
  • Squared - 5mm squares for combined diagrams and note-taking

Refill pads are usually gummed, held together with gum or glue with sheets easy to peel off.

Many are punched as well, with either two or four holes for filing in ring binders, lever arch files and box files.