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Visitors' Books

If you have regular visitors coming and going in your office, a visitors’ book is an essential piece of kit for your reception area. Here are the benefits of having a visitors’ book:

  • A well-designed visitors’ book helps your office run efficiently and is essential from a fire safety perspective. The visitors’ book provides an invaluable record of who is in the office in the case of an evacuation from the building, so that no-one is put at risk.
  • Most visitors’ books have various columns where the visitor records their name, company or professional details, car registration number, and the time of their arrival and departure. In addition, some books contain handy detachable sections which can be displayed in a simple badge and worn by the visitor. This identifies the individual clearly to all members of staff.
  • If discretion is important to your business, some books have ‘security sheets’ which hide the details of previous visitors and maintain confidentiality
  • If a visitor is using a particular piece of equipment, a book can help you maintain records of who is borrowing what. You know exactly what each person should be returning and you can tick it off, keeping an up-to-date record
  • A visitors’ book helps you keep track of who is coming in and out of the building for general security purposes
  • A good-quality book creates a positive first impression to new clients or contacts and enhances the company image.