A Guide to T-Card Systems

What are t-cards?

T-cards are "T"-shaped cards designed to fit into slotted panels so that just the wider top part showing the heading is on display. Additional information can be written on the main body of the card.

Paperstone supply Nobo T-cards and t-card panels.

What are t-card planning systems used for?

T-card systems are used to plan, allocate, execute and monitor work. They can be used as dynamic temporal panners (e.g. weekly or yearly). Tasks, projects, holidays, etc. can be allocated to employees and departments. Stock control can be monitored using t-cards. The list goes on.

Although computer software has superceded hard copy and physical planners and organisers to a large extent, t-card systems remain popular because they are more public, social and hands-on than a shared calender on a computer network.

T-cards are especially popular in non-office and outdoor work environments like factory floors, garages and docks.

How it works

T-card sizesNobo T-cards are available in four sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

T-card sizes

Size A B C D
1 16.5mm 49mm 15mm 28mm
2 48.5mm 85mm 15mm 60mm
3 80mm 120mm 15mm 92mm
4 112mm 180mm 15mm 124mm


T-cards of a certain size fit display panels of the same size, i.e. Size 1 t-cards fit size 1 t-card panels, size 2 t-cards fit size 2 t-card panels, and so on.

A size 2 panel is double the width of a size 1 panel. A size 3 panel is triple the width of a size 1 panel. A size 4 panel is quadruple the width of a size 1 panel.

T-card panels are held together at the top and at the bottom by link bars.

T-card link bar

Top and bottom link bars should both be the same length and long enough to accommodate all the t-card panels.

Choose link bar length according to the sum of of the widths of the panels.

A size 10 link bar will accommodate five size 2 panels, or a mixture of differently sized panels, as long as they add up to 10.

A size 12 link bar will accommodate six size 2 panels, or four size 3 panels, or three size 4 panels, or a mixture: e.g. 1 x size 1, 2 x size 2, 1 x size 3, 1 x size 4.