Reception Seating, Reception Chairs and Reception Sofas

No furniture will impress upon clients and visitors as much as reception seating and a smart reception seating table adorned with appropriate magazines and literature. From the reception desk to reception sofas, the visitor to your business premises is taking it all in, whether consciously or not, and making first impressions.

Reception seating at Paperstone

Because of this, we at Paperstone take reception chairs and sofas as seriously as any other office furniture. We supply a wide variety of reception chairs from the top brands, designed to seat your visitors comfortably and to coordinate with their surroundings.

Reception furniture highlights include:

  • Entry level Trexus reception chairs
  • Sonix leather or leather faced reception seating, including Sonix Tub sofa and chair, Sonix Reception Side Chair and the stylish Sonix Toledo chair.
  • Trexus modular reception chairs allowing you versatility to deck out your reception area to your space needs.
  • Influx Vitalize Visitors' Armchairs, sleek and modern.