Buying a coffee table for your office

 An office coffee table adds a welcoming touch to a reception area, and is useful for informal meetings between colleagues and for entertaining visitors.

Tips for choosing an office coffee table

  • Take some measurements. If you have a sofa or chairs in your reception area, you will get a more stylish effect if the coffee table is shorter than the sofa. The table should be roughly level with the top of the sofa and chair cushions.
  • If you’re not sure what size to order, find a cardboard box or two and join them together to make an approximation of a table. Leave the pretend “office coffee table” in place for a few days and evaluate whether it works with the rest of your office furniture, and if there’s enough space for it.
  • Choose a table that suits the style of the room, and consider co-ordinating it with another piece of furniture. At Paperstone we stock some office coffee tables which are part of a co-ordinated range.
  • Alternatively, create a contrast between shapes. If the rest of the room is full of curved lines, a square or rectangular table will add interest.

For general tips on placing office furniture, click here.

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