Boardroom tables - a buyer's guide

Boardroom tables are the centrepiece of a conference room, and reflect how a business wants to present itself during meetings. While lengthy rectangular tables can project a formal image, smaller, circular meeting tables can be more playful and intimate.

At Paperstone, we have a wide range of boardroom tables, so you can create the perfect environment for having meetings with clients and staff, hosting training sessions, and making important decisions.

Our office conference tables comes with stylish and professional maple, oak, cherry marbella, beech and walnut wood finishes.

Rectangular, circular, oval, and curved ‘D-End’ tables are all available, and complement other products in the Sonix and Trexus furniture ranges. It is important to remember that the shape of a table can change the dynamic of a meeting, from creating a setting where one person is taking the lead, to a more inclusive atmosphere. 

As well as a wide range of tops, we also offer a variety of leg styles. This makes it easier to select a table compatible with the size of the chairs in your office. 

Standard post leg, round pillar legs, panel leg, and stylish arrow leg tables are all available. 

However, if you require a more versatile or uniquely-shaped boardroom table, mid-section tables are the perfect solution. 

By arranging the rectangular, D-End, and square shape sections, a conference room table can be easily transformed between events, while maintaining a sleek, professional edge.  

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