Ergonomic Footrests

Footrests are specially designed platforms – often adjustable – on which which to rest your feet while sitting. Footrests are used especially by shorter people whose feet may not reach the ground while sat on a chair or simply for comfort. Increasingly, however, footrests have been designed with ergonomics for people of all shapes and sizes in mind.

The science of ergonomics deals with the interaction between human bodies and work environments. It is now commonly recognised that people and physical working environments function is various relationships with one another and that these relationships can be improved through design and the addition of new devices and technology. The footrest is one such intervention. A footrest, though on the surface concerned with lower regions of the body, can be employed gainfully to improve the posture of the entire body, to encourage neutral postures and work practices that, say, reduce your exposure to risks of musculoskeletal disorders.

In short, a footrest under the desk can improve your posture from your head to your toes and reduce back pain and the risk of occupational health disorders. As well as providing comfort, a footrest may well prevent more serious occupational problems occurring in the future.

What's the difference between one footrest and another?

Although all footrests serve as a platform for supporting feet, there are slight differences in design and exact function between the footrests that we offer here at Paperstone. Features might include one or several of the following:

  • Rocking action. Free rocking ensures constant blood flow through the legs to the upper body.
  • Foot massage. Knobbly surface massages feet as they move about because different pressures are applied to parts of the foot at different times.
  • Adjustable height. For different users and uses.
  • Adjustable tilt. Ditto.
  • Adjustable features controlled by feet so no bending down.

Not all footrests have all of these features so have a look around to see which one suits you best. We offer footrests from Fellowes, Compucessory, 5 Star, Wedo and Kensington to suit all budgets.