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Paperstone supplies a full range of glues and adhesives with which to stick things together – from the ubiquitous Pritt Stick to bond thin materials, usually paper, to Superglue for attaching furniture to the ceiling and Blu-Tack, the famous blue putty for sticking posters on walls and the like.

Glue is a liquid or semi-liquid compound that adheres things together. Compounds with adhesive properties occur in nature, such as resins from trees and egg white (used to stick gold leaf to parchments in medieval Europe). Natural glues can also be made from the prolonged boiling of animal connective tissue. It was believed that Sumerians were the first to take advantage of natural gums, but it was later discovered that Neanderthals made adhesives from birch bark as long as 80,000 years ago. Synthetic glues are usually polymers and comprise a very wide range of materials, from pressure-sensitive adhesives like Blu-Tack and that found on Post-It Notes (which bond with the application of pressure), to instant adhesives like Superglue which form a strong bond within seconds of application and contact.

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