Blu-tack, the amazing sticky stuff

Blu-tack is the amazing sticky stuff used since the 1970s and this is how it came into being.

In 1970, laboratory researcher Alan Holloway (a Brit) inadvertently produced a product that was useless as a sealant, but pliable and semi-elastic. This feature was then presented as a means of wall mounting notices to a sealant and adhesive manufacturer. Initially the potential of this material was not fully recognised, but later Bostik commenced research into the development of what they were eventually to launch as Blu-tack.

In its conceptual stage Blu-Tack was white, but consumer research showed fears that children may mistake it for chewing gum, and the product was coloured blue. However, Blu-tack is safe if swallowed and is non-carcinogenic although we don’t recommend it as part of your daily diet.

In March 2008, 20,000 numbered packs of pink Blu-Tack were made available, to help raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign, with 10 pence from each pack going to the charity. The formulation was slightly altered to retain complete consistency with its blue counterpart. Since then, many coloured variations have been made, including red, white, yellow and a green Halloween pack.